Brief of Strategy

Brief of Strategy

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)’s Disaster Management Strategy has been coined to focus on the specific  vulnerabilities of individuals caused by disaster leading to displacement, loss of human lives, loss of homes, loss of livelihood, separation of families, loss of social and traditional networks, loss of personal documents, like land records and other property related documents. MRRD has identified Disaster Management as a cross-cutting issue in its five years strategic intent (2010-2014).

The Ministry is committed to safeguard its development initiatives against natural disasters and promote sustainable development through its three pillars of infrastructure, economic development and local governance.

The strategy- developed for six years (2014-2020) lends it focus towards the current disaster trends in the county, institutional and policy environment from Global to National level to support the strategy, Institutional linkages for facilitation and implementation of strategy, implementation mechanism and key activities for disaster management in coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders within the ministry as well as externally.

Strategy is striving towards reaching the specific vision of “Disaster Resilient Rural Afghanistan by 2020” with the mission “Minimizing disaster risk through effective recovery, integration and Disaster Risk Reduction mechanism in MRRD for Rural Afghanistan”

Strategy also outlines the four strategic objectives and comprehensive list of relevant activities under each strategy objective to reach the mission and vision said in the strategy.

Social Protection Directorate is the key facilitating institution in MRRD for implementation of this strategy in collaboration and coordination with Directorate, Programme and RRD offices in provinces. Deputy Minister for Programme is the guide for effective implementation and provides the enabling environment to achieve the set targets in strategy.