About SPD


The Social Protection department of MRRD is mandated to response to natural, environmental and other calamities/disasters and to mobilize and facilitate resources for the affected people – provide them with basic needs such as food, drinking water, clothing and shelter away from the scene of disasters in safe and secure areas. It is also tasked to clear and keep open rural roads during the winter period. Moreover, the directorate is also responsible to educate people in disaster prone areas how to cope with natural disasters.

It is also mandated to help in facilitation of resources for the livelihoods of the returnees and displaced people of Afghanistan and to make sure the aid is reached to those individuals and families who deserve it most.


The rationale behind the establishment of the directorate was to enable MRRD to help and to response efficiently, effectively and timely in times of social calamities, natural and environmental disasters, help to facilitate for the returnees and the displaced people to resettle and above all to help and support the basic needs of the most vulnerable section of Afghanistan society. In line with the Ministry’s vision, mission and strategy, the ultimate aim of the directorate is helping to reducing poverty in the country by finding employment and other means of helping the poorest individuals and families in rural Afghanistan. All activities of the directorate are linked with the strategic objectives of MRRD: Improved Rural Wellbeing