Japan Fund Poverty Reduction (JFPR)

Government of Japan Funded Projects through Asian Development Bank (ADB) under Japan Fund Poverty Reduction (JFPR):

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These projects have paved way for Regional Programs, in providing the irrigation water to the rural population in enhancing the agriculture production. JFPR focuses mainly in Small Scale Community Based Irrigation projects, which includes rehabilitation of, Intakes, springs, reservoirs, sub-canals, protection walls, aqueducts and super passages, etc. With a total funding of $18.6 Million, 194 small scale community based irrigation traditional structuresto be rehabilitated and benefitting 435,000 households, and generated income by assisting the rural population providing animals, agricultural seeds etc., and the JFPR 9165-AFG is ongoing and which may be completed March 2017.

JFPR 9038-AFG: Integrated Community Development in Northern Afghanistan, with a total funding of $3.6 Million:

In 2004, with $3.6 Million grant funded by Japan Government under the scheme Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) channeled through Asian Development Bank (ADB), to enhance the living standards of communities in Samanghan& Balk Provinces, Northern Afghanistan through social and economic development. The project purpose is to enable communities to participate in and make informed choices leading to social development and sustainable livelihoods. (1) To improve the socio-economic infrastructure through direct implementation of projects by CDCs; (2) To improve and strengthen the capacity of CDCs by providing community based training; (3) To set up small scale income generating activities and business development by providing training and micro credit, and (4) Training MRRD staff in project management and training provincial RRD and NGO staff in conflict management/gender mainstreaming.

JFPR 9039-AFG: Rural Recovery through Community Based Irrigation Rehabilitation in Northern Provinces of Afghanistan with a total funding of $5 Million:

In 2007 $5 Million grant, funded by Japanese Government under Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) through Asian Development Bank for the Project - Rural Recovery through Community Based Irrigation Rehabilitation in Jawzjan, Sarepul & Faryab Provinces. The project will (1) Generate income for rural farmers through the identification, design and implementation of at least forty (40) micro-watershed projects throughout the three targeted provinces; (2) 120 small scale irrigation projects; (3) To build the capacity of CDCs in rehabilitation of projects, RRDs, and Project Management Unit. 

JFPR 9165-AFG: Community Based-Irrigation Rehabilitation & Development Project in Northern Provinces of Balkh, Samanghan, Baghlan & Ghor with total funding of $10 Million:

In 2012 the Japanese Government, assisted with additional funding of $10 Million through ADB. This project has to increase 5% agriculture production with (1) Rehabilitate 120 traditional irrigation structures,; (2) Shall benefit 250,000 Households, with 2,000,000 people (50% shall be women) and (3) Shall cover 16,000 hectares in four targeted Northern Provinces, i.e., (Balkh, Samanghan, Baghlan& Ghor).