Afghanistan Institute for Rural Development (AIRD)

Current Resources

AIRD’s library so far has gathered and arranged the following resources for the usage of those people who will use this library.

  1. Books: 1572 books in Dari and English on the following subject matters:
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Geography
  • Education
  • Literature
  • Medical Science
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Social Science & Management
  • Law
  • Technology

The books are arranged in shelves according to alphabetical order for the access of its users.

2: Training CDs & Softwares:

Another main section which shapes the study materials of library is training CDs and softwares.

Library of institute has 500 ring CDs in different fields

 Engineering program of Auto CAD for elementary terms (2 dimensional) and also 3 dimensional training courses in English and Dari Language.

Training Engineering program of SAP in English and Dari.

Training Engineering program of SAFE in Dari and English. 

Training of office Package programmes which consist of Word program, Excel, Access, in Dari language.
Training of Farsi typing
Training programme of Social Science.

3. Magazines and Newspapers

AIRD library with the cooperation of media department has been able to place the daily newspapers of Kabul .

A number of social, political, and cultural magazines are also available

4. Training modules

A number of training materials are available in the library of the institute the capacity building of workers through programs and departments of MRRD.
These training materials are available in the following areas:

Administration Development
Management of the project period
Logical framework
Training of trainees
Monitoring and evaluation
Social mobilization
General management
Individual skills
Access to Rural Development
Conflict Resolution
Peace building and development
Introduction of NSP & DDAs

Enrichment Plan

Standardization of library’s study materials
Evolve Rules and regulations of library
 Creating a database of study materials 
Correcting the recorded materials in database
Providing improved services to encourage wider use of the library.

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