Mandate, Vision, Goals & Objectives

The Vision:

The Vision is the ultimate objective to which MRRD aspires. While this is achievable only in the long term and with the participation of the entire Afghan nation, the Strategic Intent nevertheless presents concrete and significant steps towards this vision.

The Vision Statement:

A healthy, poverty free and opium free Afghanistan, based on independence, democratic governance, self-reliability and equitable development

The Mission:

The Mission statement presents the role to be played by MRRD in moving towards the national vision. It defines the scope of MRRD activities, which are focused on benefiting the rural population through establishing the preconditions for pro-poor rural development.

The Mission Statement:

To ensure the social, economic and political well-being of rural society, especially poor and vulnerable people, through the provision of basic services, strengthening local governance and promoting sustainable livelihoods free from a dependency on illicit poppy cultivation.

Goals & Objectives: