History of MRRD

MRRD first began as Rural Department Commission under the authority of Ministry of Commerce in 1333 (1954). In 1335 (1956) the commission became an independent office under the Prime Minister’s Office. Later, the name of the commission was changed to “Rural (Dehkada) Directorate” and it came under the authority of Ministry of Interior/Home Affairs in 1345 (1966).

The commission was dissolved in 1348 (1969), and its property and personnel was dispersed into different ministries, such as Ministries of Education, Health, and Agriculture. The office was re-established under the name of Rural (Mahal) Development Office in 1349 (1970). After changing its name several times under the different authorities, the office was dissolved again in 1363 (1984).

Finally, the Rural Management Office became an independent ministry known as MRRD on 21 Sour (the second month of Afghan year) 1367 (1988). The first office of MRRD was located in Dural Aman Area, District 6 in Kabul City.

When the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan was established in 2002, MRRD was reborn with its new mandate, policies and strategies to promote poverty reduction and social protection in rural Afghanistan. Since then, MRRD has embarked on a vigorous institutional reform and restructuring to serve the needs of the people in Afghanistan.