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The Citizens Charter is a National Priority Program (NPP) of the National Unity Government (NUG) that was officially launched on September 25, 2016.

The Citizens Charter is an inter-ministerial, multi-sectorial NPP, where Ministries have collaborated to provide basic services to rural communities. The key service delivery ministries involved are: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), with oversight by Ministry of Finance (MoF). MRRD has a key role and will be responsible for infrastructural development and strengthening CDCs and Cluster CDCs. The Community Development Councils (CDCs) will be linked to sub-national government to improve communication and coordination from the community to the district, provincial and national levels - increasing Government visibility and accountability. The Citizens’ Charter is an important foundation for the Government’s reform agenda, contributing to a number of priority areas including: Ensuring Citizens’ Development Rights; Building Better Governance; Reforming Development Planning & Management and Developing Partnerships.

The Citizens Charter intends to improve service delivery by ensuring minimum service standards, provide greater responsiveness by the Government to the people and increase the level of public satisfaction with services. The Charter commits to deliver the following core services across the country over a 10-year period:

  • Basic health services
  • Basic education access
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Improved farming technologies and the delivery of extension services
  • Rural connectivity with tertiary roads
  • Rural renewable energy


Title:                                         Provincial Monitoring Officer

Vacancy Announcement No: 210/HRMD/CCAP/MRRD

No. of Post:                              8

Gender:                                    Only Female

          Duty Station:                           Kunar, Paktika, Oruzgan, Zabul, Ghowr Kandahar, Parwan, Nuristan

          Duration:                                 1 Year (Extendable)

          Salary:                                      As per NTA Salary Scale

         Announcing Date:                    7-November, 2017

         Closing Date:                            21- November, 2018

Key Responsibilities:

The provincial Monitoring Officer under the daily supervision of PMU Manager and technical supervision of Main PMU Monitoring officer and Senior Monitoring and Supervision Officer with close collaboration of other provincial/district staff will carry out the following main tasks:

  • Conduct the monitoring visits to the CCDCs/CDCs / communities and collect the desire and accurate data using the Monitoring Forms according to the requirements of CCAP/M&E Division and other CCAP stakeholders; Record the data accurately and timely manners and provide detailed notes if required.
  • Ensure coordination and collaboration contacts with CCAP Provincial Manager, District Manager, FP staff, Main PMU Monitoring officer, Monitoring-Data Analysis and Reporting Unit, and other relevant provincial staff for an effective implementation of the monitoring system to improve quality of the work delivery at the field level.
  • Read and understand the CCAP Operational Manual (OM): (Glossary, Program Overview, Organizational Structure, Program Cycle at the Community Level, Grievance handling manual, Monitoring and Evaluation manual, CPM manual, . . .) and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, perform all work in accordance with the policies and procedures specified in the OM.
  • Share the monitoring findings with the Provincial Management Unit (PMU) for taking measures, if required, accordingly and also share the same report with Main PMU Monitoring Officer and Monitoring-Data Analysis and Reporting Unit at HQ.
  • Share a brief report of the progress made by the PMU upon the findings with the Main PMU Monitoring Officer and Monitoring-Data Analysis and Reporting Unit at HQ.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Main PMU Monitoring officer and M&E staff at headquarter. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting significant trends in province/district, FP and CDC/CCDC performance, technical quality of sub-projects and any other required data that contributes to achievement of overall CCAP objectives.
  • Participate in District/provincial meetings and workshops (if required) to understand how each member contributes to program success and to coordinate work activities.
  • Prepare a monthly monitoring work plan that includes a representative sample of ongoing subprojects (various sectors) and key CDC/CCDC activities (different phases of CCAP according to the requirements of forms). The Work Plan to be submitted to Main PMU Monitoring officer and concerned provincial manager. The monitoring officer is required to coordinate the monitoring visit with key CDC members in order make sure they are available on the monitoring visit.
  • Makes sure that all arrangements and coordination required for the monitoring visits are done with the provincial manager.
  • Assist the Community Participatory Monitoring system at CDC/CCDCs levels to ensure community participation and empowerment on participatory planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the projects implemented by CCAP
  • Enter the collected monitoring data to the web-based monitoring database at the provincial level in timely manner.
  • If possible, take photographs of subprojects to document sustainability of subprojects.
  • Establish a proper and standard filling system for the M&E forms/reports and any evidence captured during the monitoring visits.
  • Prepare case-studies and best practices examples and submit to M&E Division for further dissemination with CCAP stakeholders.
  • Any other official/job related tasks assigned by the HoU and/or Provincial Manager with coordination of M&E Division


Qualification and other Requirements: 

  • University degree in social science/management and or other relevant fields
  • 4 years related working experience
  • Having Specific skills in the related technical field
  • Knowledge and ability to apply computer applications to include basic MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Fluency in national languages Dari and Pashto and also English highly demanded in speaking, writing and comprehension.
  • Knowledge and experience of M&E tools, methodologies and approaches (including data collection quantitative, qualitative as well as participatory).
  • Understanding of planning and implementation of M&E systems.

How to Apply:

Please send your up-to-date CV with covering letter telling us why you are applying and how you met the required competencies before closing date, Interested Afghan Nationals should submit their applications in writing (clearly indicating on the subject line the title of the position and Vacancy Announcement Number e.g. Provincial Monitoring Officer 210/HRMD/CCAP/MRRD to:


Important Note: any/all application without the mentioned subject line will not be consider.

The MRRD/CCNPP strongly encourages woman candidates to apply. It applies a pro-active and positive discrimination policy towards woman candidates as follows:

  • Women candidates with slightly lower than the stated required educational qualifications will also be considered.
  • If offered this position, the woman position holder will be allowed an adult male or female relative as a Mahrram for official travel, if/when required.
  • The MRRD and its CCNPP will promote a women-friendly environment with clear anti-harassment policies enforced.


The Human Resources Management and Development Division

Tashkilat Street, District 6th, Darul Aman

Citizens Charter National Priority Program

Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development

Kabul, Afghanistan