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The Citizens Charter is a National Priority Program (NPP) of the National Unity Government (NUG) that was officially launched on September 25, 2016.

The Citizens Charter is an inter-ministerial, multi-sectorial NPP, where Ministries have collaborated to provide basic services to rural communities. The key service delivery ministries involved are: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), with oversight by Ministry of Finance (MoF). MRRD has a key role and will be responsible for infrastructural development and strengthening CDCs and Cluster CDCs. The Community Development Councils (CDCs) will be linked to sub-national government to improve communication and coordination from the community to the district, provincial and national levels - increasing Government visibility and accountability. The Citizens’ Charter is an important foundation for the Government’s reform agenda, contributing to a number of priority areas including: Ensuring Citizens’ Development Rights; Building Better Governance; Reforming Development Planning & Management and Developing Partnerships.

The Citizens Charter intends to improve service delivery by ensuring minimum service standards, provide greater responsiveness by the Government to the people and increase the level of public satisfaction with services. The Charter commits to deliver the following core services across the country over a 10-year period:

  • Basic health services
  • Basic education access
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Improved farming technologies and the delivery of extension services
  • Rural connectivity with tertiary roads
  • Rural renewable energy



Introduction to the Citizens’ Charter MIS Division:

  • The MIS Division exists to provide Information Technology related services to CC offices both at HQ and field level and ensure advanced and speedy operations of tasks using Information Technology.  It is primarily responsible for the following:
  • Further enhancement and management of the primary CC CDC CCDC and subproject related database, both in terms of software and the data quality.
  • Management of the physical and soft copy archives of the CC CDC documentation.
  • Updating and smooth operation of the various other existing CC databases including but not limited to the FP management, stock/asset/inventory, fleet management, HR modules, and CDC capacity building databases.
  • Designing new database modules as per the requirements on the dynamic CC operations as required by the CC management.
  • Provision of timely information and data for all quantitative reports of the CC, and analysis needed for other qualitative reporting as required.
  • Development and maintenance of CC website; and
  • Production of GIS Maps related to the CC.


Title:                            Head, Management Information System Division

Vacancy Announcement No: 211/ HRMD/CCAP/MRRD

No. of Post:                              1

Gender:                                    Male/Female

          Duty Station:                           Kabul

          Duration:                                 1 Year (Extendable)

          Salary:                                      As per NTA Salary Scale

         Announcing Date:                    13-Novemeber 2018

         Closing Date:                            30- November 2018


Key roles and Accountabilities:

  • Manage all work outputs required of the Division in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensure close coordination with other participating ministries in the Citizens’ Charter, including the full and timely sharing of information; participation in inter-ministerial committees; ensuring good cross-ministerial working relationships, and participation in periodic joint reviews and evaluations.
  • Manage all staff of the Division directly with regard to work outputs, and support the HR Management Division with regards to staff recruitment and other HR management related issues for the Division staff.
  • Ensure capacity building, mentoring and training for the Division staff in liaison with the relevant Divisions.
  • Prepare and implement the Division long, medium- and short-term work plans and budgets.
  • Work with the CC management to ensure the Division is adequately staffed and has the right inputs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Work with the CC management to ensure that the Division is best equipped and trained to serve the Program's IT/ software/ MIS related requirements.
  • Represent the Division in all inter-Department, management and other CC related meetings.
  • Represent the Division in all donor supervision/ implementation support missions.
  • Provide all reports from the Division in a timely and accurate manner to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Represent the MRRD leadership and CC senior management to the Division, and communicate decisions, policies, procedural guidelines etc to the staff in a timely manner.
  • Handle any other task related to the Division or otherwise, as may be required of him/her by the CC senior management.
  • Ensure that the CC primary MIS (CDC/subproject/grant related) and its various stand-alone database modules (FP contract management, fleet management, inventory/stock/asset management, HR modules, grievance handling, capacity building etc) respond to the CC management and implementation requirements in a timely, accurate and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Supervise and assist in the development of new software/databases if required and restructure the existing databases based on new requirements of CC.
  • Assist in analyses of the proposal workflow restructuring and regularly monitor the workflow to ensure gaps and technical issues are addressed.
  • Ensure that technical support to all relevant divisions/departments regarding the CC databases is provided.
  • Supervise and assist in design and development of the web related data exchange routines (Views and Data Provider).
  • Liaise with CC Directorate on their software and data requirements and ensure the necessary software and hardware is provided.
  • Assist other divisions/departments in promoting their manual system to computerized and improving their business process including information flow, data collection formats and report formats.
  • Prepare user and technical documentation and make sure in-code technical document is implemented.
  • Manage all contracts related to the databases, software and technology related to the CC MIS and its various modules.
  • Ensure that standard data verification procedures are in place and followed by data verification teams.
  • Periodically work with the M&E and Engineering Divisions to analyze the standardized reporting formats set up within the CC MIS to ensure the quality and consistency of the data provided.
  • Engage with the ARTF supervisory agents, including review and feedback on the TPM reports.
  • Oversee the production of all regular quantitative reports for the CC.
  • Oversee the production of the ad-hoc quantitative reports requested by the various CC stakeholders, and ensure timely responses are provided.
  • Advise the CC senior management of software and other technological improvements in the local market and their suitability for the CC.
  • Support CC senior management and relevant Divisions in the procurement for, and subsequent contract management of externally contracted consultants (firms) for various evaluations and studies for the CC. This includes review and feedback on their proposals, inception reports, draft reports etc. Ensure that findings of external evaluations and studies on the CC are documented, disseminated, and used within CC for future program design and for immediate program adaptation.
  • Manage all work on the CDC Institutional Maturity Index (IMI).
  • Lead the discussions on the M&E agenda and Results Framework of 2nd Phase of Citizens’ Charter.
  • Engage with the ARTF supervisory agents, including review and feedback on the TPM reports.
  • Support the CC management in preparing, presenting and/or documenting trends, lessons-learned, qualitative outputs/ achievements/ impacts in the form of reports, print/ radio/TV/ film media.
  • Assess gaps in data required to respond adequately to donor, Government of Afghanistan, and other stakeholder reporting requirements for the CC, and advise the CC management of the means to address these gaps.
  • Periodically review and analyze the data from the CC s primary MIS/ database on the CDCs/ CCDCs subprojects and highlight areas of improvement.
  • Work closely with the CC FP Management Directorate (FPMD) to ensure feedback on monitoring findings are relayed back to the field in a timely manner and responses are received and documented.
  • Design trainings and capacity building activities for all CC monitoring staff, both in HQ and in the provinces, and where required, among the CC FPs.


Minimum Specialized Qualifications:


Academic Qualifications:

At a minimum, a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences, Information Technology and/or related fields is required. (A Post Graduate in the same field is highly preferred).

Work Experience:

A minimum of seven (7) years of progressive work experience in large development programs is required, with five (5) years of specific experience in MIS/IT with an international or large-scale program/organization.

Other Requirements:

  • Computer Skills: Practical experience in the design, development and implementation of databases, software, web programming languages and web development is desirable.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, Dari / Pashto is essential
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to negotiate with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Team player and leadership skills.
  • Ability to interact with a broad range of people including government, donor, FP and community representatives.
  • Fluency in English (listening, reading, writing, speaking).
  • High integrity and accountability in all aspects of project monitoring.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all related stakeholders.


  • Any/all education documents without attestation of the ministry of higher education will not be consider.


How to Apply:

Please send your up-to-date CV with covering letter telling us why you are applying and how you met the required competencies before closing date, Interested Afghan Nationals should submit their applications in writing (clearly indicating on the subject line the title of the position and Vacancy Announcement Number e.g. Head, Management Information System Division 211/HRMD/CCAP/MRRD to: vacancies@ccnpp.org


Important Note: any/all application without the mentioned subject line will not be consider.

The MRRD/CCNPP strongly encourages woman candidates to apply. It applies a pro-active and positive discrimination policy towards woman candidates as follows:

  • Women candidates with slightly lower than the stated required educational qualifications will also be considered.
  • If offered this position, the woman position holder will be allowed an adult male or female relative as a Mahrram for official travel, if/when required.
  • The MRRD and its CCNPP will promote a women-friendly environment with clear anti-harassment policies enforced.


The Human Resources Management and Development Division

Tashkilat Street, District 6th, Darul Aman

Citizens Charter National Priority Program

Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development

Kabul, Afghanistan