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The Citizens Charter is a National Priority Program (NPP) of the National Unity Government (NUG) that was officially launched on September 25, 2016.

The Citizens Charter is an inter-ministerial, multi-sectorial NPP, where Ministries have collaborated to provide basic services to rural communities. The key service delivery ministries involved are: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), with oversight by Ministry of Finance (MoF). MRRD has a key role and will be responsible for infrastructural development and strengthening CDCs and Cluster CDCs. The Community Development Councils (CDCs) will be linked to sub-national government to improve communication and coordination from the community to the district, provincial and national levels - increasing Government visibility and accountability. The Citizens’ Charter is an important foundation for the Government’s reform agenda, contributing to a number of priority areas including: Ensuring Citizens’ Development Rights; Building Better Governance; Reforming Development Planning & Management and Developing Partnerships.

The Citizens Charter intends to improve service delivery by ensuring minimum service standards, provide greater responsiveness by the Government to the people and increase the level of public satisfaction with services. The Charter commits to deliver the following core services across the country over a 10-year period:

Ø  Basic health services

Ø  Basic education access

Ø  Safe drinking water and sanitation

Ø  Improved farming technologies and the delivery of extension services

Ø  Rural connectivity with tertiary roads

Ø  Rural renewable energy





Introduction to the Citizens’ Charter FP Management Division


The Facilitating Partners Management Division (FPMD) manages relationship between the FPs and the CC Management structure. This includes key areas of responsibility such as monitoring FP contract performance, reviewing and analyzing FP reports, providing consolidated reports on program progress for MRRD and donors, reviewing and evaluation of Technical proposals and contracts, facilitating exchange of information and experience between FPs, consulting FPs on a range of issues to ensure appropriate input to planning and policy development, ensuring that all changes in policies and procedures are communicated to FPs in a timely manner, facilitating and developing guidelines for links with other programs and troubleshooting problems with program implementation. The FP Management Division is key liaison point for those responsibilities managed by the other Divisions, such as procurement, financial management, MIS, training, and monitoring and evaluation. This Division also plays a key role in communicating with FPs on policies developed by other MRRD Divisions, such as the Community Led Development Division.


Title:                            Head, Facilitating Partner Management Division

Vacancy Announcement No:  138/HRMD/CCNPP/MRRD

No. of Post:                              1

Gender:                                    Male/Female

Duty Station:                           Kabul

Duration:                                 1 Year (Extendable)

Salary:                                      As per NTA Salary Scale

Announcing Date:                     14-Novemeber 2018

Closing Date:                            30- November 2018



Key roles and Accountabilities:

·        Day to day management of all activities of the Division.

·        Represent the Division in all CC management meetings.

·        Serve as the primary focal point for liaison between the FP and the CC management.

·        Represent the CC management in bi-lateral, tri-lateral or group meetings with the World Bank, other donors, MRRD etc. on issues concerning CC FPs.

·        Take a lead role in evaluation of technical proposals submitted by FPs.

·        Support the CC management with data necessary for all future CC rollout selections, and the resulting FP selections where sole-sourcing is used.

·        Coordinate with the CC General Directorate and Procurement Division in all procurement of new FPs and new contracts for existing FPs.

·        Ensure timely processing of contract amendments for FPs of all types, including those for key staff changes, time/cost amendments, etc. through the CC Procurement Division. Support the Procurement Division in preparing no-objection letter requests to the World Bank for such contracts.

·        Implementation and full oversight of the FP supervision system.

·        Coordination with FPs for all donor/CC supervision/monitoring field missions/visits.

·        Coordinate procurement of external evaluations of FPs with the Procurement Division as required in the grant agreements.

·        Ensure proper contracts management of the FPs on behalf of the CC.

·        Ensure proper verification and timely approvals of FP invoices.

·        Maintain proper and up-to-date reports on FPs’ qualitative and quantitative performance and ranking.

·        Provide CC management with all FP related reports as required.

·        Provide necessary support on FPs’ monitoring and evaluation conducted by the World Bank, and or any other donor.

·        Closely work with CC’s Senior Field Coordinators and Provincial Management Units (PMUs) on smooth implementation/facilitation of CC activities in the field.

·        Ensure accuracy in all FP related information used in CC proposals, reports, website etc.

·        Review and assess FP progress reports, prepare synthesis to provide feedback to FPs for improved performance, and follow up with FPs on issues identified at the central, regional and provincial levels.

·        Prepare consolidated reports of overall program progress with regard to FPs.

·        Co-ordinate with FPs on remote control approach being used in districts with high security problems and prepare a consolidated report.

·        Support consultation with FPs on planning and policy development and key operational issues.

·        Liaise with individual FPs and other Divisions within the MRRD and CC management structure to address specific implementation problems.

·        Work closely with the M&E Division to identify needs of data collection for effective monitoring of FP performance.

·        Monitor and report on FP inputs against the stated contractual budgets, and based on the ratios recommended by the CC.

·        Implement the improved FP payment systems linked to qualitative and quantitative indicators/milestones. Ensure accurate data collection, analysis and synthesis of the information required to process the FP invoices against these indicators.

·        Support the CC Capacity Development Division in the preparation of standardized training packages, especially the modules related to FP core trainers.

·        Support the CC Management in its effort to standardize Terms of References (ToRs) for FP key staff, and of FP social organizers/mobilizers and engineers, and to ensure that they have the necessary training and skills required for the same.

·        Participate in, coordinate and/or contribute to all working groups related to FP work directly or indirectly.

·        Work closely with the MIS for implementation of FP contract monitoring system.

·        Collect information and reports available with the FPs on CC activities.

·        Work in close collaboration with the training Division to prepare training plans for the Divisional staff.

·        Ensure proper soft and hard copy filing of all FP contracts, proposals, reports, invoices and other important documents.

·        Ensure follow-up and/or action on all action plans or points related to FPs in World Bank’s CC Implementation Support Mission (ISM) Aide Memoires.

·        Support management of a team of Afghan staff to implement a variety of tasks and strengthen the team’s ability to perform the required tasks more efficiently through capacity building using on-the-job training.


Minimum Specialized Qualifications:


Qualification & Experience Requirements


A Master degree in Project Management, Development Management, Community/Rural Development, Social Sciences, and Business Administration is preferred.



Work Experience:

Minimum of (Five) 5 years of general experience and (3) Years of Specific experience with implementation of community-based development programs with international and/or national NGOs, program management and administrative experience, experience in managing a team of 5-10 members, liaison with donor representatives, sound understanding of good local governance and gender issues, experience with proposal preparation and report writing, capacity-building of subordinate staff.

Other Requirements:

  • ·Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Dari essential, (Pashto desirable).
  • ·Good interpersonal skills and ability to negotiate with a variety of stakeholders.
  • ·Good problem-solving skills, practical and attentive to details.
  • ·Team player and leadership skills.
  • ·Ability to interact with a broad range of people including government, donor, FP and community representatives.
  • ·Fluency in English (listening, reading, writing, speaking).
  • ·High integrity and accountability in all aspects of project monitoring.
  • ·Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all related stakeholders.
  • Any/all education documents without attestation of the ministry of higher education will not be consider.


How to Apply:

Please send your up-to-date CV with covering letter telling us why you are applying and how you met the required competencies before closing date, Interested Afghan Nationals should submit their applications in writing (clearly indicating on the subject line the title of the position and Vacancy Announcement Number e.g. Head, Facilitating Partner Management Division 138/HRMD/CCNPP/MRRD to: vacancies@ccnpp.org


Important Note: any/all application without the mentioned subject line will not be consider.

The MRRD/CCNPP strongly encourages woman candidates to apply. It applies a pro-active and positive discrimination policy towards woman candidates as follows:

·       Women candidates with slightly lower than the stated required educational qualifications will also be considered.

·       If offered this position, the woman position holder will be allowed an adult male or female relative as a Mahrram for official travel, if/when required.

·       The MRRD and its CCNPP will promote a women-friendly environment with clear anti-harassment policies enforced.


The Human Resources Management and Development Division

Tashkilat Street, District 6th, Darul Aman

Citizens Charter National Priority Program

Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development

Kabul, Afghanistan